What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a partnership between the members, or share-holders, and the farmer.  This is a shared risk/shared bounty arrangement in which a membership, or share, is purchased early in the year in exchange for weekly deliveries of produce through the growing season.This agreement benefits both the farmer and shareholder. The annual membership helps us with production costs of the farm and you benefit by receiving your weekly share of the freshest produce available. 

At Fossil Rock Farm, we grow and produce our vegetables using all natural and organic methods. We do, however, use IPM, integrated pest management, with our fruit trees. These means while we do mostly use natural and/or organic sprays, we do at times have to use regular fungicides and pesticides for specific problems for the apples and peaches. We use as little as possible and only enough to get the job done. We only want safe, delicious, quality fruit for us and our customers. We also partner with a few local farms, we know and trust, to ensure we have plenty of excellent product available for our customers and CSA's.

We, at Fossil Rock, will do everything in our power to make sure you are 100% satisfied during the season. Please keep in mind, however, we can not control 'Mother Nature' and sometimes may be at her mercy, for example hail storms, floods or freezes.

Those of you who have been our customers, at the many farmers'markets we attend, know our commitment to quality and freshness. Your 100% happiness and satisfaction with our product is our top priority for without you, we could not exist. We look forward to a very rewarding season and hope you join us.